The B5 Community - The Kingdom Of God's Elected People

Now let The Elect Of God separate ourselves from the elements that the demons of Darkness - that is the Antichrist - have initiated. This we do so that our souls may not be lost because of lawlessness. For he that touch those things that are of the world, is condemned and cannot enter into God's presense. For Yehweh God is Holy. Let us now, form a community of believers that are the elect of God, and shall pursue holiness unto our God, Yehweh. Let us fellowship here in this community, for God will be with us here and we shall experience His love and fellowship as never before. All of the things that we shall give up in the world of the Beast and of The Antichrist , we shall have better things in this place, where the Lord Our God had separated us to be. The enemies of God shall not trod upon this community and prevail, for the presence of The Lord God Almighty is here, not just to protect us but to empower us. That the laws of God shall form the constitutions of this community, that even the world may hear of it and seek to borrow because of its success.

For in this community shall the believers find life and proseprity, and the sick shall be healed, and no man shall die of an untimely death here. Here we shall invent and design things and manufacture and have great resources, so much that this community shall be rich in wealth. For in this place every person shall be blessed with far more than they could ever ask. For The Lord Our God had spoken this.

* For by our testimony we shall overcome the enemy. Revelation 12:11

The B5 Community Of The Elect Testimony

Repeat Verbally ↓ ↓
"I am of the Elect of The Lord God, Yehweh. My worship is to the True and Living God - Yehweh, who shall give me life and shall grant me eternal life, and the Spirit of life. Any where my worship shall occur, My Obedience is unto the will of God only, by obeying the things instructed to me by His Holy Spirit.

I shall not be in obedience to the system of the Beast and the Antichrist, nor shall I be in agreement with the system of the Beast or the Antichrist, neither shall I be in agreement or condonement with any thing that belong to any thing that is of the Beast or the system of the Antichrist. I shall allow my eyes to be in agreement and obedience to the Holy Spirit and to remove my self from the condemnation of the defiled condemned systems of the world.

I shall reject all things pertaining or attached to the Beast and the Antichrist, and although we expect the enemies of Yehweh God - who are from the darkness, to hide themselves in the system - as they are from the darkness and therfore aim to decieve. Let my eyes be open spiritually to see the spirits of condemnation, to shun them. In so doing I have rejected the condemnation of the mark of the beast over my life.

To avoid the Mark of the Beast and avoid being initiated by the condemned system of the Antichrist. I wll - through the below registration - join the other members of the Elect of God, and conduct my businesses in the B5 COMMUNITY. I will support the Elect of God here and the Elect of God shall support me here. I expect to find deeper understanding about the world around me and learn more, and abide with the people of God in The Will of God . So that my soul shall not perish with condemnation, I will seek to associate with the Elect of God in all my doings, and to assemble myself with them in the presence of God and with the Elect of God" and have my fellowship with them.

I vow to walk in the holiness of the Holy God - Yehweh, and cleave to that holy life taught to us by His Holy Spirit, who come to lead us into all truth.

This I vow unto Yehweh God, and in the site and witnesses of His angels and the host of heaven, that when I shall appear before Him, this vow that I shall keep shall present me Holy unto Yehweh God, to recieve the good things He has for me.

Calling The Church

Opportunity is of the Holy Spirits design when a man is in the purpose of the Lord. That which a man calls opportinity are gifts given unto him by the world. Let a man consider the things of God first and seek to honor those things that are of God and are with His salvation.

The B5 Community - Created by Delroy Young